weird security on campus

I’d like to tell you about the security in the UK in this blog. For me the whole stuff is a little bit surprising, because I don’t know that from germany. But it seems like some students really need these advises I write about:

The village office of Strathclyde University seems to be very concerned about the students security. There was a “welcome meeting” where we were  told how to behave in our flats to be secure regarding the fire and the personal security.

Just watch the videos (sorry, I had to split them, since youtube did not allow me to upload it as one video) – espacially from minute 10 of the first video:

There were also some fire fighters in our flat to explain how the smoke and fire detectors work. It is great to know, that there is somebody worrying about our safety, but sometime it is too much.

Next goodie ist the weekly fire alarm test. We have 3 tests in our lectures in each week. And additionally on wednesday morning, the only day I can stay in bed longer in the week, they test the alarm in our flat. Great job!

settling down in student accommodation

After some sightseeing in Glasgow we got our rooms on campus on saturday, September 18th. There was no way for us to get it earlier, but if you contact the student accommodation team early it’s possible to get the rooms before that date.

As i read on facebook before the accommodation I am in (called Birkbeck Court), was considered to be the worst one on campus. It’s also the biggest and oldest one. Because it is situated between Glasgow city centre and the other campus-buildings everyone passes it when coming back from parties – so you shouldn’t be the first who wants to sleep 😉

To get an idea on how it looks, I’ve made a short video: