Falls of Glomach

I had 4 visitors for the first weekend in April – my girlfriend, my cousin, her boyfriend and his sister. Together we went to have a hike at the Falls of Glomach, which is next to the bridge to the Isle of Skye (see map below).

I was worried about the weather again – but this time we had a lot of luck! It was just a little rainy but also a long time we had really warm sunshine.

The Falls of Glomach are supposed to be the highes or at least one of the highest waterfalls in the UK at 113m. It is a really fantastic scenery once you made the medium hard walk to this spot.


Falls of Glomach


Way to Isle of Skye and first day there

In the mid of march I’ve visited the Isle of Skye. I went there with some of the other students from Leipzig, that are here with me.

On the way to Skye we had a stop at Eilean Donan Castle:

Eilean Donan Castle

From there we made our way to Portree, which is a small nice city on the westcoast of Skye.

Portree Harbour

On our first day on the isle of skye we went to another castle, but it was closed and one could not see it from along the coast unfortunately.

scottish beef and mossy tree

Thanks to geocaching we found another nice spot next to the castle. It is called “coral beach” and it is the first thing here I would really call a beach 🙂

coral beach

From there we headed to have a hike next to Waterstein Head on the westcoast of Skye. This part of the island has a phenomenal rocky and steep coast. Unfortunately we had not the best weather like for all the weekend. But here it was very predictable since we walked along the coast and saw the rain coming towards us 😉

weather like hell

Here you can see the highest part of the coast. It was really impressive!

Waterstein Head

Last but not least: the track of our walk:


You will see new posts in the next few days here. I will add pictures and the track of  the second day on Skye as well as some stuff from my trip in the spring break.

Ben Vorlich

The first weekend in March I went to Arrochar, a small city next to Loch Long, wich is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. From there we walked a long way up to Ben Vorlich. Unfortunately we did not know how we can get up to Ben Vorlich on the best route. We followed a small street some meters up the hills before we went further up without a path. This was quite exhausting and also time consuming. Thus we arrived on top of Ben Vorlich quite late so that we did not come back to the train station on time. We missed the last train by almost 2 hours.

We were quite lucky to find a small restaurant next to the train station. The people there helped us to find a bed and brackfast. One of the guests showed us the way to our accommodation and he also brought us to Glasgow Airport on the next morning. Thanks to all the people who helped us this weekend!


Alltogether the trip was really nice and I think I will remember it for years!


Because of the heavy fog and clouds there are just 2 I want to show here:

view to loch lomond from west
on top of Ben Vorlich


This time the track is not the best. It was the first time I was using my new Garmin GPSMap 62s. Unfortunately I did not get the batteries on time so that I had to use some old ones that were empty after a short time. For the rest of the track I used my phone again but it’s battery was not completely charged and it also got empty quite early. Thus the track ends at the point where we arrived on Loch Sloy. The further route was along the Loch in southern direction and then back the way we came to the starting point.




When I planned this trip I wantes to walk along a rout of about 20km, but when we arrived there the busdriver told us that the late bus I wanted to take is not operating on sundays. Unfortunately he was wrong, what the driver of the bus we took back told us – so we shortened our route without any good reason :-/ But it still was a really nice walk and we enjoyed the weather the whole day. It was over 10°C and sunny all the time!


I think this is again ben lomond
Panoramic view - ben ledi on the right end of the photo
there were several waterfalls on our way down to Aberfoyle
this is again part of the highland boundary fault - as mentioned before in the blog about our trip to drymen

Clyde walkway and Clyde falls

At the second weekend of february some of my flatmates and me went to a long walk along the clyde. It’s not much to say about it – the pictures say more than 1000 words:

bridge over the clyde


perfect place for horror movies!?
smaller waterfalls on our way but still impressive
roots of tree near the clyde
Falls of Clyde (made by Michal Rouha)

And here it is again: the track of our walk. It was a really long walk compared to the former trips, but it was also much flatter than ever and as the last times there was a beer waiting for us at the final destination.

Drymen and West Highland Way

After the exams are over we wanted to do a little one-day trip. After some brainstorming we ended up in planning a trip to drymen, what is next to the trossachs national park. The weather was quite good on this day, but the fog was really heavy. But fortunately we were lucky to have a great view.

conic hill coming from east
conic hill and in front a small bridge over a ditch
ben lomond as seen from conic hill
on top of the "Highland Boundary Fault"

One interesting thing about this area is that it is the Highland Boundary Fault. Thanks to geocaching and wikipedia I know a bit more about this part of the scottish history now.

I recorded our route, so you can see exactly where we have been: