Visiting more than scotland

This time I want to show you some pictures from Stirling and London.

The weather was not the best when we were going to Stirling, but It was a nice day nevertheless. It was quite stressfull to me because my sickness got worse the days before. But the day after this trip I felt better again. Maybe it was a good idea to go out of Glasgow to get a breath of fresh air.

Panoramic view down from stirling castle with wallace monument in the center
The UK has many memorial for their soldiers. This one is for those who lost their lives in the south african war 1899 to 1902.
Statue of William Wallace at the monument
Panoramic view down from the Wallace Monument - you can see the castle somewhere in the fog
Robert the Bruce - King of Scots (1306-1329) at the battlefields next to stirling.

Some days later I went to London. It was just a short trip, so I haven’t seen much, but refresht my memories of London and I have got some new impressions by geocaching. Londons city-caches are really difficult to find. I just found 4 out of 10. Maybe I just had bad luck or I just got used to the easy Glasgow-caches too much.

German bars are everywhere 😉
somewhere at the southbank of the thames
Did you know George Peabody?
London Eye, Parliament and the Clock Tower by night.