Self driving car – Take 1

The following video shows the first quasi autonomous movements of my 1:8 sized buggy. I wrote a little script that makes movements suitable for turning the car.  I had no space in my flat for letting it run right now so I stuck with the ‘dry run’ for now. After adding some more sensors I will replace the script to be event driven instead of timer based.

The electronic components are: Toradex Colibri T20 on an Iris carier board running Linux (I got that one at embedded world this year) and an Arduino for controlling the servos. There also is a DC motor controller for driving the wheels that came with the car.

Fixed Issue in SpringerlinkBatchCreator

Springerlink updated their website causing my userscript “SpringerlinkBatchCreator” to not display the “add book” link. Thus today I searched for a solution to fix this issue and found it. It is now working again.

I also added chromium and chrome support. To support these I had to include some third party code that reimplements GM_setValue and GM_getValue.

Downloading Springer books easier

I am very glad to have free access to a lot of great books at, and to be able to download them as PDF. But the bad thing about it is that you get every chapter of a book as a single pdf file.

One day I had the idea to make a shell-skript that gets all these files for me and merges them to a single file. But first step was to check google if there was no such skript. Fortunately there already has been a piece of great software that was better then I expected.
This skript is written in python and is named from Milian

After some month I wanted a couple of new books for the new semester. And there was also a new version of the software that was now also able to take the ISBN of the books. Unfortunately I had a lot of books to download. I was lucky again: a friendly guy from my university gave me a skript that calls in batch to download multiple books without taking care about it too much.
You can find it here.

But to use this batch download more efficiently I wanted to have a small greasemonkey plugin. There was nothing like that before, so I programmed it the last days. It adds some links to book pages that allow you to make a list of ISBN numbers. These numbers can be copied to the file batchlist.txt that is needed for the batchdownload.
You can find it an Github as well: SpringerlinkBatchCreator
I will add some features sometimes, but that should be ok for the moment. Feel free to change it and to say something about it.