traveling to Glasgow

We were travelling to glasgow in 3 steps. The first step was to fly to London-Standstead with Ryanair. Then we went to London, Victoria Station, where our bus to Glasgow started.

Everything was fine about the flight. Afterwards we took an Airportbus from London-Stanstead to Victoria Station. After more than one hour we arrived somewhere around the bus station. There we had to wait for about 2 hours for the bus to Glasgow. The part to get to London was ok, but the further way wasn’t.
When the Glasgow-Bus started in London there was no air-condition but the bus was completely full of people. So we couldn’t sleep there. After a short stop somewhere on our way the air condition was turned on. Since then it was freezing cold inside the bus. These busses are cheap, but it’s very uncomfortable. The name of the bus-company is Megabus. Someone told us that it’s one of the cheapest in britain.

Arrived in Glasgow we had a lot of time to walk to our hotel and to get well again. So we went to a small restaurant to get breakfast. It was really britisch with bacon, eggs and toast, so quite hard for me as I am used to eat sweet for breakfast.

If you plan to do the same journey, consider taking another plane from London to Glasgow. It’s much more comfortable and not that much more expensive.