Island Arran

Last weekend we went to an island for the first time since we are here in scotland. Surprisingly there were much more trees than we have seen before on other places. Unfortunately there were clouds on top of the mountain, so on top of the mountain Goatfell we could just see the next few meters. But on our way up and down we have seen a lot of great nature. Just to give you an idea here are some pictures of it:

the whole island arran
Goatfell from east
icy grass next to the top of Goatfell
view from Goatfell down to glen rosa
view along glen rosa

After I used my phone again for navigation and tracking of our route i can provide you with the way we walked. Simply because of the clouds on the top we took a wrong way for going down and when we noticed this we decided to go down there further instead of going up and searching for the right way. I can’t recomend this way in general but it may be fine if you want to find your own way. Some ways that are good to walk are on openstreetmap. I added 2 new ways on the island – one at the beach and one in the valley south-west to Goatfell.

Weather Update

After the university was closed from monday 12:00pm until yesterday(!!!!). Today it is open again.
The tactic to wait until the snow is melting was finally successfull. 😉

I’m happy to have more snow and less trouble when I go home next week… visit germany, if you don’t believe me!

Glasgow and the snow

Glasgow seems to be really scared by snow. It is crazy how a little bit of snow disrupts all the public live. The street in front of my window looks like this:

cathedral street from my room #1

cathedral street from my room #2
cathedral street from my room #3

Yesterday the university cancelled all lectures after 12pm, and the buildings closed 3 or 4pm. Today the university is completely closed and all lectures are cancelled.

Here is the Text of the email we got this morning:
“Due to the adverse weather conditions, the University will be closed today and all classes are cancelled.”

But it seems that Glasgow Airport deals with the snow very good. At least there are no big problems this morning. So I hope my plane to germany next week will be on time 😉

Even now I’ve got a further email:
“The snow looks lovely, but please be careful when you go out. Some stairs and pathways are really slippy so please take care.”

WTF???? I’m not blind or a little child! So crazy.