Self driving car – Take 1

The following video shows the first quasi autonomous movements of my 1:8 sized buggy. I wrote a little script that makes movements suitable for turning the car.  I had no space in my flat for letting it run right now so I stuck with the ‘dry run’ for now. After adding some more sensors I will replace the script to be event driven instead of timer based.

The electronic components are: Toradex Colibri T20 on an Iris carier board running Linux (I got that one at embedded world this year) and an Arduino for controlling the servos. There also is a DC motor controller for driving the wheels that came with the car.

Some random updates

Some of you might know it already: I stop to participate at the students project Leobots at my university. There were some disagreements in the team over the last weeks that led to my decision to leave the team as of now. I just finish the documentation of my work as far as I got and support the team at the trade fair “embedded world” next week.

As I still like to play around with robotics I bought a small rc car, a wifi-router and some electronics. I hope to get it somehow self driving and self navigating in unknown terrain.

RC Buggy

I think my other new toy, the 3d printer will be a good help for my modifications… at least for adding backets for the distance sensor that is scanning the sourrounding of the car it will be superb to have a costum made part that really fits my needs 😉