Greek Letters in Inkscape

I am currently writing a report for a university project. In this report I’d like to illustrate the eurobot playing field, because I work on the absolute positioning system for the robot of the team leobots. To visualize what angle definitions I used I wanted to label them in an vector image which I already created in Inkscape.

First I tried copying the greek letters from wikipedia… for alpha and beta it looked quite nice, but not for gamma. So I searched the web for it and found that (german) discussion about it:

In short: you can do:

  1. create a text element
  2. switch the font to any font that supports unicode (Times New Roman does)
  3. CTRL + U
  4. enter the unicode (03B1 for alpha, 03B2 for beta, 03B3 for gamma)
  5. press enter
This is how my result now looks:









AI online class

I just read about an online course at stanford university in the last couple of days. This is meant to be a full university course called introduction to Artificial Intelligence and includes homework assignments each week as well as midterm end final exams (only for the advanced track, basic track only requires watching the lecture material). You will get a statement of accomplishment at the end.

I will try to take this class, lets see if I can manage to finish the advanced track.