Greek Letters in Inkscape

I am currently writing a report for a university project. In this report I’d like to illustrate the eurobot playing field, because I work on the absolute positioning system for the robot of the team leobots. To visualize what angle definitions I used I wanted to label them in an vector image which I already created in Inkscape.

First I tried copying the greek letters from wikipedia… for alpha and beta it looked quite nice, but not for gamma. So I searched the web for it and found that (german) discussion about it:

In short: you can do:

  1. create a text element
  2. switch the font to any font that supports unicode (Times New Roman does)
  3. CTRL + U
  4. enter the unicode (03B1 for alpha, 03B2 for beta, 03B3 for gamma)
  5. press enter
This is how my result now looks:









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