day 2 of embedded world


Today I spoke to some companies that I might work for in saxony. There are quite a lot of them, that I did not know before or I did not know that they also develop hardware themselves. This is why today was a great success for me. But on the other hand the days get more and more exhausting – fortunately the exhibition ends one hour earlier tomorrow. I’m very tired right now…

After the official end of the visitor opening times there were some parties at the microsoft and ebv stand among others. Thanks to them for providing some food and drinks for us while playing music! Also thanks to the “open source meets industry” guys who are always worth talking to! Especially I was enjoying to meet Benedikt Sauter ( finally after following his work since several years now.

One thing I want to show you finally is an automatic solver for the rubik cube. Basically they built a lego mindstorms robot that handles all the turning and used a smartphone to capture the recent state of the cube. These two elements are combined by a pc that solves the game and controlls the robot while capturing the images form the smartphone:

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